Other flute modifications

Flute/Stand Modifications by Other People

The "Melissa Flute" by Brian Russell from Russell Winds out of Winneconne, WI.  His client does have the use of the thumb and index finger on the left hand, but nothing else on the left hand.  Mr. Russell used the "Abby Flute" schematics to build the "Melissa Flute".  He used the thumb Bb to operate the G# key, and used the "Abby Flute" push/pull trill keys for the A and G keys, but placed the mechanism on the opposite side of the instrument from the "Abby Flute."  Great job, Mr. Russell!  These photos are by Brian Russell, and used with his permission.

Flute support for Richard Jennings.

Richard says, "My problem is not in holding the flute but in raising it to
my mouth. My shoulder muscles have atrophied and I cannot raise my arms or
extend them from the shoulder. However, all the other muscles of my arms and
hands work fine, which means that I can raise and extend my arms from my
elbows. People with certain kinds of muscular dystrophy as well as some other
diseases or injuries have this condition. If anybody has my particular kind of disability, an arm support like this might help them. I don't mind if you share this photo with them if they need to see what it looks like.

To support my left arm I am presently using a music stand with the music rack tipped horizontal and locked into place. Then by tilting my body to the left I am able to get my right arm high enough to play the flute.

I am using a ProLine music stand that has locks on the shaft and music rack. This is important because you put quite a lot of weight on the horizontal music rack when you support your arm on it. Manhasset stands do not have locks, although attachable locks can be purchased from some music dealers."