Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church, Ft. Worth, TX

Art Glass Ensembles was commissioned to created eleven new stained glass mosaic panels for Immaculate Heart of Mary Roman Catholic Church in Ft. Worth, Texas.  These panels were installed into existing wood-framed holes in the interior wall behind the altar area.  The holes form a cross, and a beautiful life-sized carved wooden Crucified Christ sculpture is bolted onto the front of the altar wall, obscuring at least four of the holes partially.  The church wanted colorful stained glass mosaics in an abstract pattern, as a form of light control, since morning sun streaming in from the exterior wall's windows was coming through in a blinding manner.  Each of the holes is approximately 12" square and 12" deep.  The problem came in mounting the stained glass "tiles."  It was nearly impossible to reach the front of the altar wall higher than a step ladder, since there is a wheelchair ramp on one side, with permanently-mounted metal handrails.  This set up precludes the use of ladders and scaffolding (no room and sloping surface).  The solution was to use a scizzor lift and mount the "tiles" from behind the altar wall, with me reaching through the holes and working backwards.  I created a lip, and installed the tiles on the back side of the hole.

The church later decided it wanted the tiles installed on the front side of the altar wall.  I had to bring the scizzor lift back, un-mount the panels, install new clips on the front side of the holes by reaching through the holes and working backwards, then re-mount the stained glass panels.  A difficult installation to be sure!