Smudge Bundle




  • Blue Sage
  • Red Sage
  • Sage & Rosemary



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Smudge Bundles for Purification.  Each bundle contains either red or blue Texas sage, a feather, and a small card explaining how to use the smudge bundle. 

Smudging is a beautiful ritual for whenever you feel the need to purify, balance, or cleanse yourself, others, a sacred space, or special tools.

For Self-Smudging, light the bundle and place on a heat resistant stone or plate. Rub your hands through the smoke.  Gather the smoke and bring it over yourself as if washing your body.

To Smudge Others, light the bundle and use the feather to direct the smoke all around the other.  Start at the lowest level/chakra and work the smoke up through each level and end with the smoke rising up into infinity.