Zion Lutheran Dallas, TX

Zion Lutheran (old Swiss Avenue Lutheran) Church, Dallas, Texas
The writing is German.  "God is always present"

This window was original to the old Swiss Avenue location of Zion Lutheran Church in Dallas, Texas.  When the church moved to their current location on Lovers Lane, the window was removed and a couple from the church volunteered to take the window.  For almost 50 years they stored, repaired, and displayed this window in their private residence.  In 2010 the church decided to add a chapel to the property, and the old Swiss Avenue window was donated back to the church for use in the new chapel.  An amazing story of preservation and love.

Art Glass Ensembles was hired to evaluate the state of the window and do needed repairs to the window prior to delivery for installation in the new chapel.  Due to the excellent care given this window, I only had to replace 15 copper tie wires (these wires tie the stained glass panel to their supporting rebar pieces to keep the window from bowing), resolder 24 broken lead joints, add a couple of lead pieces to support old broken glass, do touch-up paint on one piece of glass, and reputty and clean the window.  This is minimal upkeep for a panel this old.

June 7, 2010 the repaired panel was delivered to Zion Lutheran Church.  Jan. 9, 2011, the church finished its remodeling, and rededicated the window in its new chapel.

Repaired window installed in the new chapel Jan. 9, 2011.  Illuminated via a light box.