10 lbs.

available immediately

original unblemished condition

This stained glass piece is a large reclining female nude and Chinese green coy fish.  Created using glass by Spectrum Glass Company, and constructed in the traditional lead came.  It measures 27 1/4" wide x 38 3/4" high and is framed in 1/4" lead.  Whilst not signed, it came from a house in Denton, Texas, and is approximately 20 years old; leading me to believe it is by former Denton artist Sigrid, who had a stained glass studio in Denton until about 2003.  I have repaired some of her other stained glass panels in Denton, and this sure looks like her work.  Featuring lovely black-in-clear Baroque glass and graceful lines.

My client is interested in selling "Nude" and its companion piece, "Crest" either as is, or framed in oak with hanging loops.  Please call us at 940-591-3002 if you are interested in this piece.