Sir Real Guy


25 lbs.

available immediately


An absolutely beautiful one-of-a-kind trio of copper foiled (Tiffany-style) hanging panels making up one large portrait.  Based upon the myth of "Prometheus Bound" and done in the Surrealism style.  Constructed using the finest and most vibrant colors and textures of stained glass currently manufactured in the USA.  Prometheus is crouching, bound to the earth and sea by ropes.  A single drop of blood escapes from the left-most rope.  Yet, as the myth tells, there is hope of resurrection, as foretold in the crescent moon and in the regenrative powers of the starfish.

This was a commission by a former client, who changed her mind.  This piece is framed in 1/2" zinc with hanging loops for easy installation.  I can also modify the pieces to be placed in wood frames.  Approximately 77" wide x 42" high overall.

If purchased, and installation is within the USA, I will hand deliver the piece to the location, and install it myself; free of charge.