The Commissioning Process

Free Consultation

Free consultation at your place

The commissioning process begins with a free consultation at your location. I bring my stained glass samples, take a look at the specific location for the artwork, interview you concerning what the purpose of the artwork is to be, then come up with a quote.

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Stained glass design using CAD software.

Designs are created using CAD software specific to the stained glass industry. The design of your stained glass windows will look like the finished product. Designs are emailed for approval as part of the commissioning process, prior to construction.


Construction techniques for stained glass.

Our artists are trained in traditional stained glass techniques (copper foil or "Tiffany" method, or traditional lead came) and cutting edge modern techniques (lamination). Our stained glass windows are made to exacting standards.


Installing stained glass.

We handle our own installations. No matter the location (Denton, Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas, etc.), we can install your stained glass safely and securely.

Full-service Studio

Art Glass Ensembles location.

If you are interested in visiting the studio, we would love to meet with you. Please call prior to coming over, as sometimes we are out at a client's location.

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