Glass Painting by Art Glass Ensembles

Traditional Glass Painting

Painting on glass

Need to add details that only traditional glass painting can provide? We can do your glass painting for you. All styles and colors available. We use Reusche Glass Paints and Enamels. All work is fired in one of our 5 kilns.

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Restoration Painting

Testing of glass paint on various colored glass

From research into matching painting styles, techniques, and materials, to glass conservation techniques such as plating painted glass, we can help with your painted glass restoration needs.

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Dedication & Logo Plates

Example of dedication plate painting.

We can create dedication plates for your stained glass windows. Any style font and base glass, including opaque glass.

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Portrait Painting

Example of portrait painting using traditional stained glass painting techniques

We specialize in portrait painting using traditional glass techniques.

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Cold Painting

Painting on glass using non-fired paints.

Sometimes painting on glass using oils, acrylics, or tempre paints which are not fired in the kiln is the preferred method.

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