Studio Repair

In-studio repair example.

Have a treasure which needs some tender loving care? Bring it into the studio for expert repair.

On-site Repair

On-site repair example.

Can't bring it into the studio for repair? We can come to your location and do the repair in-place.

Best for large or hard-to-access pieces.

Lampshade Repair

Stained glass lampshade repair example.

Tiffany-style lampshades, panel lamps, or something else; if it's broken, we can repair your lampshade.

Bent Glass Lampshade Repair

Bent glass lampshade repair example.

Art Glass Ensembles is one of the few companies which has the technical expertise to repair bent/slumped glass lampshades.

Insurance Quotes

Colorful stained glass window.

Need a quote for insurance purposes? We can help.

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