Fire damaged stained glass window.

Difference Between Restoration & Repair

Restoration is more complex than repair. Restoration involves documenting the existing piece, conserving what can be preserved, researching the history and materials of the piece, replicating what cannot be preserved, repairing using the same techniques used in the original construction, then installing.

Extreme care is taken during a restoration project to maintain and restore the historical and cultural significance to the piece of art.

Documentation & Research

Finding historic records and discovering what materials were used, and how the piece of art was constructed can take a long time. But the results are well worth the extra time taken at this stage.

Restorations Undertaken

Art Glass Ensembles has restored 68 fire-damaged stained glass windows for First United Methodist Church of Mercedes, Texas. We replaced 50% of the painted glass from Kebrle Studios' original 1958 windows.

We have also done general restorations for the historic windows from First Presbyterian Church of Denton, Texas (now in private ownership), as well as complete re-lead projects for other antique stained glass windows.

Need an Estimate for Restoration?

If you think your artwork is in need of restoration, please don't hesitate to contact us. We can help. And if we determine we are not the right stained glass company for your needs, we can recommend other experts in our field.

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Christie A. Wood, owner of Art Glass Ensembles, is a Professional Accredited member of the Stained Glass Association of America. She is currently on the Board of Trustees of the Stained Glass School, and is a past member of the SGAA Board of Directors.